Madera Unified assessing student progress with 'MEtoBE' reports

MADERA, Calif. (KFSN) -- Madera Unified is measuring students grade-level-readiness in a whole new way. "MEtoBE" is the first of its kind.

"At Madera Unified we don't think one state assessment tells the whole story," said Babatunde Ilori with Madera Unified. "That's why we're looking at multiple measures. We're looking at not just the state assessment, but grades, attendance, behavior, local assessment, reading levels of our kids."

The report assesses a student's grade-level-readiness through multiple measures and is all compiled together to give parents the most accurate picture.

"We're not just packaging data, we're telling the story, we're giving you information," continued Ilori.

This week all 2nd through 6th parents are receiving their first MEtoBE reports at parent-teacher conferences.

"They presented me with the MEtoBE report which provides me more information not only the grades, yes my son is doing really well in class, but how's he doing on the assessment?" said Madera Unified Parent Estrella Cortez. "That's when I realized he could use more help."

The report shows if students are anywhere from far below to exceeding grade-level-readiness and shows their status using colors and charts.

"This gives you that 360 overviews of how your child is doing," added Ilori. "Your child may be getting A's, but they may need help in some areas these assessments might find."

There's also a goal-setting component, allowing kids to set benchmarks and keep track of their progress. Madera Unified plans to offer "MEtoBE" reports to 7th through 12th graders in years to come.
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