Growing concern Fresno mail delivery may no longer be safe

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- There's growing concern nationwide that mail delivery may no longer be safe. Mail delivery shouldn't be stressful. But for one Fresno woman, it is.

Susan Newman said, "A little black car pulled up got out of the passenger side walked up took the package and went away."

These two, Sesar Garcia and Vanessa Tucker of Los Banos are accused of doing just that. But in Los Banos, police recovered mail belonging to at least seven different victims in early July. The United States Postal Service says mail thieves use that same method all over California.

"Now it's all sent to my husband's office," said Newman. "We won't leave it anymore and it's an inconvenience for us."

A community mailbox at a north Fresno apartment complex was opened with a crow bar and packages were stolen this week. It's an increasing concern people are reporting to the United States Postal Service, not just in Fresno, but all over the country.

U.S. Postal Inspector, Jeff Fitch, said, "If it's happening to you it's probably happening to your neighbor and during these investigations we will recover mail."

More and more people say they're turning to third party receivers to make sure the items they buy get to their intended destination.

Brenda Naranjo said, "Because of the theft issue I would say in the last couple of years we've seen it increase."

Naranjo owns Packaging Solution in Northeast Fresno. She has many customers who rent out mail boxes at her store. The business stores TV's, and even tiny parcels, for a monthly fee.

Naranjo added, "It's not so much they want your moms sentimental vase but if they get electronics then that's been worth it for them."

The USPS says those who are caught stealing mail face up to five years in federal prison and up to a $250,000 fine.

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