Cyclists took over Blackstone Avenue for the 16th annual Mall-2-Mall

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- From Manchester to Mariposa, cyclists made the trek mall to mall. For a 16th year the Fresno Bike Coalition teamed up with the city to promote bike safety.

"It's a two way street, cyclists have to be careful on the road and we also have to be visible and cars have to see that were out there too," said Ed Smith, Fresno County Bicycle Coalition.

Smith said the event serves as the kick off for bike month.

Whether on three wheels or two, in a show of solidarity, dozens geared up to make the trek down Blackstone, even Fresno Police's bike patrol unit.

The idea of Wednesday's event is to remind people that bikes aren't just a form of recreation they are a form of transportation.

"We teach safe cycling skills and the city is building better infrastructure, but it's a long journey and we need to work on it together," said Smith.

Fresno City Council recently approved the Active Transportation Plan calling for the installation of more than 900 additional miles of bike lane.

"You wouldn't cut a vehicle off like you wouldn't cut a bicyclist off, they have the right to be on the roadway just like a vehicle does," said Sgt. Robert Gonzales, Fresno Police Department.

According to Fresno Police, this year alone there have been two fatal accidents involving bicycles-- including early Wednesday morning.

"As a cyclist on the road you're the same thing as a motorist on the road, you have to follow the same rules the same guidelines," said Gonzales.

Police believe the man struck while riding down Olive at Marks was not wearing reflective gear.

"Folks like that are folks were trying to reach. We want people to hear the message wear reflective gear, where lights at night, and take it seriously-- this is not a game," said Smith.
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