Man arrested in Atwater for shooting person who he claimed was breaking to his car

ATWATER, Calif. (KFSN) -- Atwater police arrested a man after he shot a 22-year-old man who he claims was breaking into his car.

According to police, they received a call to investigate a burglary of a vehicle on the 1900 Block of Atwater Blvd. The person at the residence, identified as 29-year-old Abraham Flores, said he has scared off a man trying to break into his car and that the suspect had left a hat and a shoe behind.

A little while later police received a call of a man going house to house asking for help because he had been shot in the leg. After checking the area they received the call they eventually received a second call about a 22-year-old man who was at a relative's house in the 1500 block of Vine circle suffering from a gunshot wound to the leg.

According to police, once they arrived at the residence the victim said he had been walking in the area of burglary when he heard the sound of an argument and then told officers he was shot. More officers were called and began investigating the burglary and shooting as being possibly connected.

Officers went back and questioned Flores when they discovered a blood trail leading back to a church on Olive Avenue. They also discovered property that had been stolen from the car in the bushes a short distance away.

While questioning Flores, police said his wife attempted to leave with two bags, which they would later find out were filled with ammunition. Flores and his wife were detained when he told police he shot the person who was breaking into his car and that the gun was located in his vehicle.

Flores was booked into Merced County jail on a charge of assault with a Firearm. The 22-year-old who had been shot was taken to a Modesto hospital for treatment.
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