Man hit and killed by friend in Chowchilla

CHOWCHILLA, Calif. (KFSN) -- Close friends identified Chandler Cunningham as the victim in Thursday evening's car crash in Chowchilla.

Chowchilla police said the 20-year-old died after playing a game of chicken with his friend.

"The vehicle accelerated to a high speed in a residential area, and the intent is for each of the people to move out of the way before it hits them. In this case, that did not occur," Chowchilla Police Officer Jeff Palmer said.

Cunningham's friends said they were not playing chicken.

Juan Lopez said he and Cunningham were throwing around a football along 4th Street and Ventura Avenue. They heard their friend, a man named Dylan, coming down the street.

Lopez said their friend was fooling around and never meant to hit Cunningham. "He wasn't in the road like 'let's see who's going to win.' They both panicked at the wrong time. They both got scared. He hesitated, jumped the wrong way and got hit," Lopez said.

Friends said the driver and Cunningham knew each other for more than a decade. Cunningham's closest friends created a memorial for the victim.

"I don't understand, why him? He's going to be missed. He and my son were just always doing stuff with bikes and BMX's," Diana Alvez said.

Chowchilla Police say the incident is still under investigation. They're still working on a report to send the Madera County District Attorney.

Cunningham's friend, Dustin Edwards, said the family doesn't plan on filing any charges.

"We got nothing but love for Dylan. We want to save one of them. It was just a freak accident," Edwards said.

Investigators said the incident is still under investigation.

Cunningham leaves behind a one-year-old daughter.
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