Man killed in shooting involving deputies in Atwater

ATWATER, Calif. (KFSN) -- The Merced County Sheriff's Office says an Atwater man has died in a shooting with deputies.

The deputies and probation officers confronted the man while serving an arrest warrant inside a home at 2655 Atwater Blvd. near Highway 99. in Atwater.

We are told that the officers stormed into the apartment. Once inside they discovered that the person they were looking for was not there, but the encountered another man, a friend of the family in the apartment.

That's when neighbors say they heard shouts of "drop the gun" before a volley of gunfire erupted, with at least 10 shots fired.

Neighbor Alex Collins says he believes that was excessive, "I think the officers had to protect themselves, but I don't think ten shots to one guy is fair, you know?"

Neighbors told us that victim was a frequent visitor. They described him as a man in his 50's, who was a bit off, but a nice guy.

The Merced County Sheriff's Office has confirmed only that one person is dead and that no deputies or probation officers were injured.

We are not expecting any more information from the Sheriff's Office until Monday.
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