Man stopped by ICE earlier this week details how he & co-workers were detained by agents in Atwater

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The long drive to Tijuana begins Friday night. As Miguel Botella drives down the 99 he'll pass by a Circle K. (KFSN)

The long drive to Tijuana begins Friday night. As Miguel Botella drives down Highway 99 he'll pass by a Circle K.

Last Sunday, Miguel and his coworkers were getting coffee. They always do before embarking on a construction project. Only this time, ICE Agents were there and Miguel says his crew became the target.

"In the moment that they had us detained - white people were walking into the store and they never stopped them or asked them anything," Botella said.

Miguel was able to provide his Greencard. But his three coworkers didn't have papers.

Miguel says the ICE Agents took their names, fingerprints, and after finding out none of his coworkers had criminal histories, still arrested them.

"They told us that they were not looking for us...that we had simply gotten there at the wrong time at the wrong place and that it just wasn't our day," Bottella said.

Advocates have been accusing ICE of discriminatory practices but immigration officials deny that claim. They say their focus is on deporting individuals who pose a threat to national security but because California is a sanctuary state, ICE has no choice but to conduct arrests in neighborhoods.

Miguel says he understands immigration officials have to do their jobs but he believes his friends were collateral damage. He wants other families to know their rights, that they don't have to answer questions or sign any documents if questioned by an officer.
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