Stricter regulations in place for cannabis industry

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- As marijuana dispensaries prepare for a looming deadline of harsh regulation, Valley Pure in Woodlake says everything is business as usual.

"As far as some of the products were 95 percent compliant, so we're going to go through that compliant range. They just need to be tagged. All the shelves change out tomorrow. Everything will be fully compliant," said Valley Pure Manager Tony Caudle.

Per the State Bureau of Cannabis Control, starting on Sunday licensed retailers can no longer sell untested cannabis goods, nor will they be able to package and label them.

"We have to get it wasted. We have to send it back to the distributor where they will take care of it. It has to be retested or destroyed," said Caudle.

Distributors Product will need to have tamper-proof packaging and more prominent wording on labels before a dispensary can sell.

"Pesticides test has to pass. They have to show the THC-- CBD, the manufacturer has to be on there the batch number has to be on there being able to be traced," said Caudle.

In addition, product in the non-edible form cannot contain more than 1,000 milligrams of THC per package if for the recreational adult market. Two-thousand milligrams per package if it intended for medicinal use.

"Anyone that wants to get into it needs to make sure they do their research and make sure its something they really want to do. It's real intricate," said Caudle.
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