Marjaree Mason Center seeking nominations for Top Ten Professional Women awards

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Now you can partner up with Marjaree Mason Center and honor a deserving woman or local business.

Marjaree Mason Center is seeking nominations for its Top Ten Professional Women and Leading Business Awards.

They are looking for somebody who is a professional and has done great things in their industry, created processes or procedures or really flipped the lens on the way they work. Past winners have come from a variety of industries including ag, finance, education, health care, media, public service and more.
Nicole Linder, Executive Director of Marjaree Mason Center says, "Culturally as women we're not good self promoters, and so we typically like to work hard and accomplish great things but not need the recognition and I just want to encourage people that sometimes, this is an important space to step into. No matter where you come from there are other people looking up to you."
Marjaree Mason Center will accept nominations until July 11, 2021 and encourages applications.

Winners will be honored in October. April Hernandez Castillo is the keynote speaker.
Nominate a deserving woman or business
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