McDonald's testing out 'Gilroy Garlic Fries' at 4 Bay Area locations

GILROY, Calif. -- Get your taste buds ready. McDonald's is giving a little love to Northern California garlic lovers. Four locations in the South Bay will test out 'Gilroy Garlic Fries.'

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They'll be tossed in a puree of Gilroy garlic, olive oil, parmesan, parsley, and salt. McDonald's said if interest continues to be positive -- you'll be able to find the special fries at all 250 Bay Area restaurants by the end of the summer.

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The four Bay Area locations are:

3509 Homestead Rd., Santa Clara, CA
2191 Monterey Rd., San Jose, CA
1398 W. San Carlos St., San Jose, CA
4838 San Felipe Rd., San Jose, CA

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