Members of Hmong community feel relief after arrests made in Fresno mass shooting

FRESNO, Calif. -- "It's almost a month and nothing happened and I lost all hope," said Gha Vang. "I said, 'what happened?'"

Vang's question was finally answered Tuesday morning when Fresno Police announced they arrested six suspects in connection to last month's mass shooting in East Central Fresno.

"Today I heard the news and I feel safe, I feel good," Vang said.

Other members of the Hmong community echoed the same thoughts. Mary Vang says after she heard the news, it was like a weight was lifted off her shoulders.

"As the Hmong community learns about the arrests, it gives us a little bit of hope for the new year," Mary said.

Many in the Hmong community have spent the last month on edge after the shootings that killed four and wounded six. The loss has weighed heavy on the hearts of many.

"The Hmong community is so tight-knit that it hurts everybody," Mary said.

Vicky Xiong-Lor with the Hmong New Year Celebration says the shootings had many people re-thinking about attending Hmong New Year at the Fresno Fairgrounds.

"The Hmong people who were coming here for the new year from out of town and out of the state were feeling a little insecure," Xiong-Lor said.

People are hoping the arrests bring closure and justice to the families, and peace to the Hmong community in the new year.

"All the bad goes with the old year and we start 2020 fresh and brand new and safe," Xiong-Lor said.
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