Merced teen gives out nearly 100 care packages to homeless

MERCED, Calif. (KFSN) -- A Merced teen and her family gave out at least 100 care packages to the homeless in memory of a hit and run victim.

13-year-old Londyn Ekizian and her family filled bags with hygiene products and snacks , and handed them out to the homeless in Merced parks and camps. Londyn said the project is for Dale, a homeless man she and her father met a year ago while having dinner.

"I thought getting him coffee and a burrito would be good because he looked like he needed something to eat," Ekizian said.

From then on, the family developed a friendship with Dale.

Sadly ,however, they learned he was killed in a hit and run accident in November. That's when Londyn decided to keep Dale's memory alive by helping those in his same situation.

"In my family, it's give before you get. I just thought putting something together in memory of Dale would help people realize what they have," Ekizian said.

Londyn's father said he turned to Facebook, and within days, the family received enough donations to fill at least one hundred care packages.

Christopher White is trying to get back on his feet after being homeless for nearly a year. He said packages like these keep him hopeful.

"A lot of people take stuff like this for granted, until they lose it. 14:35 this right here means a lot , this can feed me. I needed this stuff," White said.

Londyn says the lesson is to be thankful, and give before you get. A message her father, Eric, is proud she's passing on to others.

"Her heart for others. Service before self. That's really what it's about. That makes me proud," Ekizian said.

Londyn hopes to keep this project going far beyond the Christmas holiday.
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