VIDEO: Woman says Mexicans 'think they own America' when asked to pick up dog poop

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. -- A North Hollywood man captured video of a woman telling him to "go back to Mexico" after he asked her to pick up her dog's poop.

Jardiel Ochoa said he asked a woman to pick up her dog's poop from the sidewalk and grass outside the school where he works when she began hurling racial insults at him. He started filming and captured the rest.

"You want me to go back to Mexico?" he asks as the recording begins.

"I sure do," she responds.

When he asks why, she says "because I'm tired of your bossy attitudes."

Ochoa then starts to say that he is in charge of caring for the property before the woman interrupts him.

"No it isn't your property, you just think it's your property because you're Mexican," she says, adding, "That's how Mexicans are. They think they own America, but we're sending them back."

The video ends with Ochoa asking her to simply pick up after her dog the next time it happens.
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