Rally at a Fresno elementary school doubled as surprise for 4th grader

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Excitement ran high at the Nelson Elementary cafeteria Thursday. The roadrunners gathered to wish their sports teams good luck ahead of some big games-- or so they thought.

After pumping up the basketball and wrestling teams they invited some fourth graders on stage to play a guessing game.

Each student was blindfolded then had to guess which teacher they were interviewing based on their answers. James did not know he wasn't interviewing a teacher.

Tiffaney Webb has been with the Air Force for 13 years and is currently serving duty in Korea. She and James haven't seen each other since last year.

With help from his teacher and the school principal, Tiffaney was able to pull off the special surprise just in time for James' 10th birthday.

"This is the longest I've been away from him-- due to the military I've only missed one birthday, one so far-- can't complain."

James had one word to describe how it felt when he pulled the blindfold off.

"Shocking. I wanted to burst into tears, I couldn't believe mom was finally home."

After the pep rally, students in Mrs. Kurtz's classroom gave James and his mom a warm welcome and thanked her for her service.

Until she has to return to duty back in Korea next week James said he has no plans to leave her side.
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