Northwest Fresno neighbors voice frustration after deadly shooting at park

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Residents of a northwest Fresno neighborhood want more security after a deadly shooting in a nearby park.

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Many of them voiced their concerns and demanded action to stop crime in a community meeting at Liddell Elementary School on Thursday.

Some neighbors said the park had become the epicenter for drug deals, sexual encounters, and other illegal activity.

The park is known as the Millburn Lookout, where the peaceful view of the San Joaquin River is the backdrop.

That view is now tucked behind a growing memorial for 24-year-old Brandyn Harris who was gunned down last Monday.

9-year-old Spiro Mellis' mom said her son heard those shots.

"I'm used to that kind of thing now, I'm used to at least twice every month," said Mellis. "It's sad that it's something that our kids are getting used to."

But there were some parents like Tiffany Bremer who felt that the couple of bad seeds are not ruining the neighborhood.

"I think right now people are just frustrated and upset and I understand that but ultimately our kids are safe on a daily basis," Bremer said.

Fresno Police say since last January, there have been about 32 calls of service for this area.

"Most of those are speeding or racing, a couple people drinking at the park, but for the most part calls of service are minimal," said Deputy Chief Phil Cooley.

While it may not be a lot to some, Councilmember Mike Karbassi said he understands the shooting did rattle his residents and he's already made a change to ensure their safety.

"We've installed security lighting in the areas and there's more on the way," said Karbassi.
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