Billy Porter and Mj Rodriguez tell us what they're going to miss most about 'Pose'

After three trailblazing seasons, the FX smash hit series 'Pose' has come to an end.
'Pose' cast members Billy Porter, Mj Rodriguez and creator Steven Canals told us what they're going to miss most about the characters now that the series has come to an end.

"What am I going to miss about Pray Tell...laying Pray Tell down has allowed for the rebirth of myself," said Porter.

What will Mj Rodriguez miss about her character, Blanca?

"Her passion and her drive, I've always seen her as a leader. And she's inspiring me to be more of a leader and just to do the things that she did in 1987 all the way through 1994 and 1996. I hope to be a light like that."

Series creator Steven Canals stated, "I'm gonna miss being in conversation with them. You know, the reality is that my relationship to these characters predates the show even being announced."

"You know, I came up with the kernel of an idea for the show in 2004. I finally wrote it in 2014. Here we are, you know, what is that? Six, seven years later? So I've spent a lot of time living with these characters."

Rodriguez added, "The moment that I'm most proud of is in the last episode. The scene with Billy and I just dancing on the floor to Diana Ross."

"I never had a chance to really take my moment. And I felt like that moment not only was shared between me and Billy but I got to take mine too."

"The LGBTQ plus relationship with the church, particularly in my instance the Black church is one a conversation that we need to have we need to have a publicly and we need to have some stuff out," said Porter.

"I am proud to say that, that 'Take Me to Church' episode really, for me speaks to that."

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