Mystery solved? Book publisher claims to have identified D. B. Cooper

A decades-old mystery may have finally been solved. The identity of the mysterious plane hijacker known as D. B. Cooper who has eluded authorities for more than 45 years-- may have been revealed.

A book publisher held a press conference revealing Cooper to be a former military paratrooper named Walter R. Reca. Back in 1971, Cooper hi-jacked a flight from Portland to Seattle and then parachuted out of it with $200,000 in ransom money.

The event is part of a promotional tour for a book by the skyjacker's friend Carl Laurin. The book details the investigation into Cooper's real identity.

During the conference, the publishers discussed the evidence in the case including the flight path and landing zone, which differed from what the FBI said.

Reca's friend also claims to have three hours of audio recordings from 2008 between himself and the alleged skyjacker.
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