Good Sports: Quarantine inspires 13-year-old to create YouTube channel

Meet Nathan Bridges, a 13-year old at Fresno Christian who started a YouTube channel giving play-by-play analyses of college and professional games.

Once the pandemic hit, Nathan decided to branch out and start doing interviews with local athletes in high schools and colleges.

"I thought it would be cool to send DMs, I reached out to Stephen Perry. I remember watching him at Clovis North," he says.

Perry agreed to an interview.

Since the interview, Nathan has been busy with almost 70 video uploads with local athletes. His mother Amber helps him behind the scenes, pressing 'record' and taking him to and from interviews.

"At first I was a little nervous, he's a kid having a YouTube channel, he does it all by himself," she says. But she's proud of her son.

"It's neat he's focused now during this time. It's been nice for him to have something to do, something that he enjoys. That's a huge part of life - find something that you enjoy doing and go do it."

Nathan loves watching sports but he also keeps tabs on recruiting. He's landed interviews with Division 1 athletes from Fresno State to UCLA.

"I know about them, who they are, I watched them from here, Deshun Murrell he's a UCLA commit, Devin Kirkwood another UCLA commit, Jacurri Brown he's a four-star, I hear about them because I always pay attention to the sports."

The eighth-grader hopes to become a sideline reporter and definitely has a headstart on his peers.

"I think it's amazing what he's doing right now, especially starting early some of these kids are my age and they still don't know what they want to do," says athlete Stephen Perry.

Landing interviews isn't always a walk in the park when you're an up and comer.

"The first time I called him he hung up on me," Nathan says, about Memorial's Jordan Hornbeak, a commit to Fresno State.

"After I call him back he picked up, and after he told me he thought I was a bill collector."

Nathan's still hoping to land his dream interview.

"I mean Josh Allen from Firebaugh would be cool because he's from around here."

Maybe one day we'll see the two locals together on the sidelines.
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