Hard Freeze Warning issued across Valley, here's what it means for farmers and you

FRESNO, Calif. -- There's a lot to shop for at Fresno Ag Hardware, but lately John Melikian is seeing certain products go faster than others.

"These things are flying out of here faster than anything I've seen," Melikian said.

Those products are centered on protecting pipes and plants from freezing temperatures.

"Residential, farming, agriculture, everybody is having a problem with this right now," he said.

It's that time of year after a Hard Freeze warning was issued across the San Joaquin Valley by the National Weather Service.

Local farmers, especially those growing citrus, will be using wind turbines and irrigation to keep their crops from freezing over. But Melikian says it's important for all residents to be prepared with everything from pipe and faucet covers.

"It actually helps it from not freezing," he said.

To covers for gardens and backyard plants, "These things right here are the plants, they go right over," Melikian said.

And for the National Weather Service, they're preaching the 4 P's when it comes to this weekend freeze - people, pets, pipes and plants.

"Just bringing a heightened awareness that we've got some cold air coming in, it'll be for a couple days and then we're back into the 30s and 40s," said Jeff Barlow with National Weather Service.

And when those freezing temperatures eventually return, Melikian says his store will be ready to help.

"You know if they have a problem it's our job to make sure we have the answer for it," he said.

The National Weather Service says the Saturday's temperatures are actually not low enough to qualify for a hard freeze warning, but they decided to issue it because it is the first significant freeze of the season.