Neighbors raise concerns after sexually violent predator released, now living in Fresno County

FRESNO COUNTY (KFSN) -- As darkness overtook this Fresno County neighborhood, so did panic and fear about a new, unannounced next door neighbor.

"I'm not in favor of it, why don't you put him somewhere else," said Al Iniguez.

Michael Fellows, 69, reputation precedes him in this tight-knit community. Where flyers circulated by the Fresno County Sheriff's office put his face on blast --letting families know he is a sexually violent predator with a lengthy criminal past.

"We just know from past experience a lot of people like this re-offend, we hope he doesn't that's why we are arming people with information to know what he is capable of," said Tony Botti.

Deputies say Fellows has a history of entering and hiding in women's public restrooms. Once inside, he would target women and girls, exposing himself and forcing himself upon them. He was recently released from Coalinga State Hospital and selected here as his new home.

"Nobody wants that element around this house, I have grandkids, I have a grand-daughter.

Families say they are angry the property owner rented to fellows, before consulting with them.

The owner, says a local church vouched for Fellows and said he had changed his behavior. That is why he took him in. Action News was unable to verify those claims.

"I'm worried, not just for them but for the teenage girls, it's not right," said Iniguez.

Fellows was released without any conditions. Deputies say he only has to register every 90 days.
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