New California laws aim to keep teens away from guns, raise minimum wage

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- California's new law to keep firearms out of the hands of teenagers is getting some new customers at gun shops.

18-year-old Matthew Woodard of Sanger is looking to buy a rifle before it's too late.

"I wasn't planning on buying one any time soon, but I got 30 days to do so, so, I'm gonna keep my rights."

The state already prohibits those under 21 from buying handguns. The new law extends that to rifles and shotguns as well.

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Gun shop dealer Jacob Belmejian explains, "That's a major change that kicks in starting January 31, which means that in order for someone who is 18 to 20 years old to purchase a long gun, they will have to have completed that purchase by the 31st of January. that means they must have picked it up from the dealers, completed their background check and taken possession of it."
Belmejian says another new gun law standardizes the requirements for a permit to carry a concealed weapon statewide..

"Which is 8 hours of classroom training and then also a live fire demonstration of proficiency."

Other new law means pay for minimum-wage workers goes up. As of the first of the year it will go up $1 to $12 an hour for employees working for companies with twenty six or more employees. Those working for smaller outfits will see a fifty-cent raise to $11 an hour.

Overtime pay for farmworkers is being phased in.

After the first of the year they'll get time and a half after 9 and a half hours a day or fifty five hours a week. By 2022, it will be after 8 hours a day and forty hours a week.
Another new law gives a boost to animal shelters. It prohibits pet stores from selling dogs and cats from breeders. They will only be allowed to sell animals that come from animal shelters.

Devon Prendergast of Valley Animal Center says it's a good move.

"There's plenty of perfect dogs and cats that are deserving of loving homes that don't need to come from breeders."

And, among the dozens of other new laws, restaurants will not be allowed to automatically give you a plastic straw with your drink. They should offer paper straws, but if you prefer plastic, you will have to ask.
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