Fresno State offers new mobile dining app for students

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- There's a new item on the menu this semester at Fresno State. "Fetch" the university's dining app is all about convenience. Now with the touch of a button, Fresno State students can order, customize and pick up any meal of the day.

"Basically, you open it and it shows you all the food that Fresno State has to offer on-campus and it tells you what time they open, the time they close, and their waiting times," explained Junior Gabriela Gonzalez.

Fetch offers menu items from five fast food stops on campus and tells students exactly when their food will be ready.

"It gives you a timer and it tells you how long it will take before your order is ready," added Gonzalez. "It lets you know when it's ready, you go, you scan it and you go pick up your food, so it's way faster."

Students say the app also makes it that much easier to get a good meal in between a tight schedule.

"By the time you get here it will be ready and you can sit on a table and eat before you go," said Gonzalez, "so you don't have to waste your whole lunch waiting in line to get your food."

There are plans to add more dining locations to the app in the future.
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