New photos show up as evidence in Jean-Pierre case

Fresno, Calif. (KFSN) -- An Instagram post from October 23rd, 2016 showed DeAndre Jean-Pierre hanging out in Sacramento with the Fresno State NAACP group.

He testified he left in the afternoon, went to Stockton, and came home very late. On the same day, two women reported a man groping them near the Fresno State campus. One of them said she was 100% sure Jean-Pierre was the groper--and the jury didn't buy the alibi.

"They chose to disbelieve Mr. Jean-Pierre's testimony because he could not prove in fact that he was in Stockton," said Franz Greigo, Jean-Pierre's attorney.

But defense attorney Franz Criego says he has found more evidence since the guilty verdict on two counts of sexual battery. He says this photo proves Jean-Pierre told the truth--details from the phone show it was taken in Stockton, slightly after 5 p.m., but prosecutors say the photo is meaningless.

"There's no foundation for this evidence, your honor. They don't even contradict that he could've still been in Fresno at the time of the incident at 8 p.m., said David Zimmerman, prosecutor.

Criego says there is no way Jean-Pierre could've driven from Stockton to Fresno, changed his clothes into the jumpsuit and hoodie described by the victims, and added an afro not seen in the photo, but he says someone else may match the description.

"An individual who was a member of the roster of the Fresno State football team stated to another individual in court that there were a group of football players who would after school accost women," said Creigo.

Criego says the judge would not allow him to use the player as a witness unless the guy was going to admit to committing sex offenses, which could have led to lifetime sex offender registration. Instead, it is Jean-Pierre facing that possibility.
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