New revelations in murder of Fresno barber

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Brajoni Freeman had his barber tools set up on a table inside his small apartment near Fresno State.

According to Fresno Police Detective Mark Yee, it was feet away from the kitchen floor where he was found struggling to breathe last July.

"The cause of Mr. Freeman's death was a gunshot wound to the head, which caused a perforation of the brain."

For the first time Friday, we heard more about the police work that eventually led homicide detectives to Marquise Graves and Jahleel McGruder.

Officer Brandon Turner made a traffic stop on Graves less than a month before the homicide where he was cited for expired registration and not having a license. Video from Turner's body camera showed what appeared to be the same car officers saw in other surveillance footage at the murder scene that shows the suspects at the apartment the same time Brajoni Freeman was gunned down.

Turner testified the driver in the videos was the same man he encountered.

Detectives also said evidence collected at the scene showed a getaway path the suspects took, leaving cocaine spilled out along their route. So far it's unclear how much money and drugs were pocketed, but only $13 in cash remained in Freeman's home.

Other surveillance videos were also taken from a church in the area.

The preliminary hearing will continue on Monday.
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