Valley swim community mourns loss of popular supporter

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The swimmers are mourning the loss of Dr. Dowain Wright, the president of the team's boosters club. (KFSN)

A Fresno swim team practiced with heavy hearts Monday night. The swimmers are mourning the loss of Dr. Dowain Wright. He was the president of the team's boosters club and he passed away unexpectedly.

The pool at Bullard High will never be the same without Dr. Dowain Wright - not for the Fresno Dolphins, the kids on the team or Coach Kelsey Klatt.

"We'll never be able to replace a guy like him, he was such a good worker and so inspiring," Klatt said.

If he wasn't cheering from the stands, he was in the water. His kids were on the team at one time and when they moved on, he stayed dedicated to volunteer his time during swim practice and at competitions.

"He just did so much to make them go, he made them run smoothly," Klatt added, "he was just constantly working really hard to give the kids a good experience in their swimming competitions."

On Monday morning, Dr. Wright got in the pool one last time. He was swimming when something went wrong. The team pulled him out and he died moments later.

Klatt said, "it's just really hard for everybody cause, one day, he's here and the next, he's not."

When the sun set, the team returned to the pool with a picture of the doctor and a candle. There was a moment of silence, followed by a prayer and then practice went on as scheduled.

"I think people wanted to come to practice, you know, they want to be together in this time and be there for each other," Klatt said.

Dr. Wright was practicing rheumatology and he had a long career. He leaves behind a wife and two sons - both are division one swimmers in college.
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