Employee Spotlight - Rosemary Galvan-Reyes

Roosevelt Attendance Clerk is Always Present for Students
Rosemary Galvan-Reyes, a 20-year employee with the district, is the highly regarded attendance clerk at Roosevelt High School, a position she has held for two years. She was a finalist for an Excellence in Education award in February. Roosevelt High Principal Michael Allen says Galvan-Reyes provides "vital support to some of our most at-risk students."

What is the hardest part of your job? Seeing students struggling with their home life. Being bullied, and hungry.

What do you enjoy the most? Our students, whether they are my former students or the students I have here at Roosevelt. I enjoy giving motherly advice. Having them come back to tell me their stories of success, which makes me feel like I was a little part of their lives. And I get to go to the Save Mart Center on their graduation and to see my summer grads, see their faces full of pride. Some of these students might not have a parent or guardian or their parents work and are not able to be there. So I will stand in for my students, and they appreciate that you acknowledge them as a person.
What is the weirdest excuse you have heard as to why a student was absent? My dog was in labor and I had to help it.

What do you do to encourage better student attendance? I collect cans and buy bus tokens for students who I know are trying very hard to get good grades and trying to accomplish their dreams of walking across the stage and receiving their diploma.

Why are some students absent so often? It could be many reasons: I have to watch over younger siblings, I don't have clean clothing, and I am being bullied and am afraid to ask for help. Or the family is homeless and embarrassed to ask for help or afraid if they do they might be rejected or looked down upon.

If you were not an attendance clerk, what career would you choose? I would have loved to have been an attorney.

What is your dream vacation? Hawaii.

What is one thing most people do not know about you? I was a victim of domestic violence. But that's OK. It made me stronger and I will always fight for anyone who needs help.