14-year-old girl and 19-year-old man in critical condition after Fresno shooting

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Two people are in critical condition after surviving a shooting in Central Fresno. It happened at an apartment complex near Harvard and Glenn.

Dulce Sanchez who lives nearby said, "There is gunshots, recently every couple weeks, so we just basically stay inside all the time."

Early Monday morning, there were several gunshots. Police say a 19-year-old man was hit in the leg and a 14-year-old girl was hit in the stomach. Both were standing outside their apartment complex when police say, a man walked up and opened fire.

Lt. Joe Gomez said, "We have no information on gang status, if that was involved... we're still seeking information on that suspect, that shooter."

The victims were taken to the hospital and they are in critical condition. Friends who didn't want to be identified talked with Action News. They said the 19-year-old was the target and there was a fight in a park nearby, leading up to the shooting.

"There will be people who just get crazy with each other," Sanchez said, "Sometimes it'll be over just a small conflict. It doesn't matter what it is, there'll just be a fight or something like that."

Sanchez says she's planning her escape, to leave the neighborhood. She says there was a time when it was a safe place but those days are gone.

Friends say the 19-year-old is waiting to go into surgery to remove a bullet, lodged in bone.

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