Former Miss Fresno County arrested

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Early Sunday Fresno Police arrived at the intersection of Menlo and Spaulding near Eaton Elementary School. (KFSN)

Authorities say, Kelsey Schulteis, who held the title in 2016, was arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting an officer this morning.

Police officers say 25-year-old Schulteis was acting visibly intoxicated and aggressive when they came in contact with her, but people who have worked closely with her throughout her time as Miss Fresno County say this is not the Kelsey Schulteis they know.

At about 1:20 Sunday morning, police officers received a call from a concerned homeowner in Northeast Fresno of two possibly drunk men ringing their doorbell, but when officers arrived to the scene they found former Miss Fresno County.

Officers are not sure if Schulteis had anything to do with the initial call but say when they got to the neighborhood they found her and another man looking at her 2010 Toyota parked on the side of the street with two blown out tires and recent damage. They say Schulteis was showing visible symptoms of being drunk and soon became belligerent and uncooperative with the officers.

"She was aggressive during the arrest she did not assault/attack one of the officers but she was definitely aggressive and they were concerned for their safety while handling her," said Lt. Steve Card.

Officers eventually were able to get her transported to the Fresno County Jail, where she was booked for disorderly conduct and cited for resisting an officer.

A Miss Fresno County marketing director says she worked closely with Schulteis for two years and calls this an unfortunate situation.

"This young lady is graduated from Fresno State, she's going to law school, she's an amazing young woman," said Miss Fresno County's Executive Director, Marie Theurich.

She also says this is not the woman she knows, who represented and served Fresno County all through 2016.

"Kelsey is well mannered, she's a role model to young women her age. She's very, very amazing,"

It is undetermined whether Schulteis was driving under the influence before officers got to the scene, officers say she was outside of her car when they got to the neighborhood and she was not charged with a DUI.
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