Moon Cycle Bonding

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A group of women seek support and find it by the light of the moon. (KFSN)

A group of women seek support and find it by the light of the moon.

"It's the one time, personally for me during my week, that I'm able to be calm and stop my mind from racing," said Gretchen Vassar, Moon Circle Participant.

This is no normal networking meet-up. This is part of a new wellness trend called a moon circle.

"The women who come to moon circles or fire circles are seeking connection. Connection to the self. Connection to spirit. Connection between and among each other," said Melody Clark, Moon & Fire Circle Leader.

Events are popping up in cities coast to coast and some gatherings happen online. They are scheduled around new or full moon cycles, and in some cases, the Jewish calendar, which is based on lunar cycles, too.

"A full moon is a time when things are being brought to light," said Clark.

Circles vary, but most combine yoga, journaling, and sharing of intentions.

It may sound a bit new age, but the moon circles are going mainstream.

"I've seen women of all walks of life, all ages, all races," said Clark.

Women's health expert Dr. Jennifer Wider said there is real science that shows bonding like this can provide physical benefits.

"Studies show that getting together, bonding, tending, and befriending, can absolutely lower your risk of stress, anxiety and depression and all sorts of physical ailments."

There is also some bonus benefits.

"It's good spiritually, and at a time when people feel so disconnected to each other and to their own spirituality, this has an enormous benefit," said Dr. Wider.

Participants said they get an enormous boost every time they attend.

"I always feel when I leave a little more myself," said Karen Segall, Moon Circle participant.

Many of these moon and fire circles are popping up in yoga and meditation studios. If you're interested, that's a good place to start.
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