Community Medical Centers HealthQuest: What Dementia Can Tell Us About How The Brain Works

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Our next Seminar is Thursday, November 1, 2018 at 6 p.m.

Topic: Through The Looking Glass: What Dementia Can Tell Us About How The Brain Works
Speaker: Loren Alving, M.D., Director of the UCSF Alzheimer & Memory Center

Your brain is your most powerful organ. It controls your ability to think, feel, see, talk, hear, remember things and many other tasks we often take for granted. Dementia, unfortunately, attacks your brain's ability to function properly - often making it difficult to perform even the most common task. But there are ways to minimize your risk.

Join us to learn more about the symptoms and causes of dementia and what you can do to help keep your body, and your brain, healthy.

Where: H. Marcus Radin Conference Center at Clovis Community Medical Center

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