Fresno County multi-agency summer sweep of illegal produce a success

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The Fresno County Department of Agriculture says they've gotten a good start on limiting sales of illegal fruits and vegetables this summer.

The department handed out eight violation notices and confiscated 2,600 pounds of illegal fruits and vegetables during a two day sweep with the Fresno County Sheriff's office and the Environmental Health Division of the Fresno County Public Health Department in June (they also handed out eleven violations and impounded equipment from ten vendors).

If vendors don't have proof of purchase, they receive a violation. The produce is then either destroyed or donated if a receipt can't be produced within 24 hours.

This sweep netted squash, cabbage, lemons, peaches, nectarines, oranges, watermelons, and mangoes. The mangoes were from Mexico and found to have an A-rated pest species.

"There's just too many questions," said Deputy Ag Commissioner Fred Rinder. "You don't know where it came from, when was it last treated, what was it treated with, and the guys that may have stole it-they're at risk."

The confiscated food that is still edible goes to the Poverello House or the Fresno Rescue Mission.
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