3 injured in head-on crash in Friant

FRIANT, Calif. -- Three people are recovering, after a head-on crash on the road leading up to Table Mountain Casino. One of the drivers faces DUI charges.

The crash happened on Friant Road and Millerton Road just before midnight. CHP says a female driver crashed into a minivan, forcing both vehicles to lose control.

The man driving the van was airlifted to the hospital. Investigators say his leg may be broken. His passenger, a woman, was also taken to the hospital after complaining of pain.

"It's dark out here. There's a curve coming up. There's a lot of heavy traffic, people coming from the casino. 24 hours a day. So you always need to be paying attention for every driver out there," said Nicholas Schofield, California Highway Patrol.

Investigators say the driver of the car, believed to be under the influence, was on her way to the casino. She was also taken to the hospital, after complaining of pain.