Felon arrested with guns, ammo, and nearly 4,000 marijuana plants in Prather

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Deputies found 3,700 marijuana plants and discovered 18 guns, including some pistol grip shotguns and a shoulder harness with two pistols in it. (KFSN)

Daniel Ferrell is 58 years old with a criminal past dating back to the 90's related to guns and drugs. He is a felon on probation and had not checked in since 2015.

Fresno County deputies say he was armed to the hilt with guns and marijuana when they finally learned his true identity and caught up with him.

Daniel Ferrell pulled up on his motorcycle earlier this month to his Prather home to be greeted by Fresno County deputies. He was handcuffed by a U.S. Forest Service employee after deputies say he tried to get away.

Cameras were not allowed in court, Friday, as he pleaded not guilty to more than two dozen charges, mostly felony counts for being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Sheriff's officials say Ferrell gave a deputy a fake name during a traffic stop earlier this year. He was a passenger in the car and the deputy became suspicious. After some digging, he found out his real name and then discovered a warrant for his arrest.

Several weeks ago deputies searched the home where Ferrell lives alone. They found 3,700 marijuana plants, discovered 18 guns, including pistol grip shotguns and a shoulder harness with two pistols in it.

Tony Botti of the Fresno County Sheriff's Office said, "They just found basically all sorts of high powered guns. Lots of ammunition. Not your standard 10 rounds of ammunition either, these would hold 30 bullets at a time. There was a drum that would hold 100 bullets. So if the wrong person came into his house, he was ready to pretty much duke it out with him."

Ferrell has also been in violation of probation for close to two years. His attorney asked the judge Friday for a conditional release, such as being set free with an ankle monitor.

"You can always ask but you are not gonna get. There's no way in the world that this person's going to be released on an ankle monitor or an ankle bracelet. The bail is going to be substantial in a case like this," Tony Capozzi said.

Ferrell will be remaining in jail for now on a no-bail hold. He will be back in court early next month.
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