4 arrested outside the Big Fresno Fair

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Local law enforcement cracks down on criminals in that area. (KFSN)

Local law enforcement cracks down on criminals in the area.

The MAGEC team, a group of law enforcement agencies from the area, are taking extra precautions to ensure safety at the Big Fresno Fair. On Saturday night, that meant going up to a group of people who were on their way to the fairgrounds, according to police on scene.

Among that group of twenty people, MAGEC team members found three illegal weapons. Officers said one man had a loaded revolver on him illegally, and as the group scattered, two guns were dropped on the ground. Investigators are still working to match the abandoned weapons to their owners through fingerprints.

"MAGEC is assigned to the perimeter of the fair to ensure the safety of the fairgoers in the last two days, members of the MAGEC team have seized six guns and made six arrests around the perimeter of the fair regarding weapons or drug possession," said Lt. Ron Hughes.

The MAGEC team members also arrested three other people who refused to comply with law enforcement orders. They're going to patrol the perimeter of the Big Fresno Fair all week until the festivities are over. They said the fair also takes extra safety measures, by having metal detectors at all entrances.
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