5 Husky puppies stolen from Madera County woman after Craigslist ad

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When Patty Pisano posted an ad on Craigslist she was hoping to find a good home for her five Husky puppies, but when someone responded to the ad, something immediately didn't seem right. (KFSN)

A Madera County woman says she fell victim to a puppy thief through Craigslist after she says a man responded to her ad and hours later, her puppies were gone.

When Patty Pisano posted an ad on Craigslist she was hoping to find a good home for her five Husky puppies.

"They're like your little kids and they're defenseless," she said.

They were just 6-weeks-old and not quite ready for adoption, but on Wednesday a man showed up with a young boy to start the process.

"I had my doubts about this guy because he didn't ask the right questions, in my opinion," she said.

It was 9:30 p.m. when Pisano showed them around the backyard and about 7 hours later someone hopped the fence.

"And the puppies are like, 'Oh hi, somebody's here to pick me up,'" Pisano said. "They don't care."

One by one, all five were taken in less than a minute, and only one thief was caught on camera from the knee down.

"So you can see them," she said. "If it had been just that much higher we would have got them."

Pisano didn't realize they were gone until the next morning because her other dogs didn't make a sound.

They were also in a separate pen and, even worse, this was the mother's first litter and the puppies were just a day away from vaccinations.

"Oh yeah, they're at risk," Pisano said. "If they don't know what they're doing and they take them some place where there's Parvo, they're going to get it."

She says they've been gone for about a week.

"I just thought I'd get 'em back," she said.

A second ad on Craigslist hasn't brought them back but she's still holding onto a shred of hope.

"I mean at this point, I hope they, you know, go to a good home," she said crying.
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