5 stabbed in a brawl after a party in Caruthers

FRESNO, California (KFSN) -- Five victims are recovering from stab wounds after a fight broke out east of Caruthers.

Fresno deputies say officers located two of the stab victims at a house near Cedar and Mountain View Tuesday night.

Meanwhile, at Central and Cherry avenues in Southwest Fresno, other officers chased down people in a truck they suspected to be involved in the attack. In that truck, they found three more stabbing victims.

Authorities say the incident may have stemmed from a party in Caruthers which the two separate groups attended. Deputies believe they have history with each other.

"One of the groups came back after the party ended, they came back to the residence on East Mountain View to confront the other group. And at that time a melee broke out and knives were drawn and people started stabbing each other," said Sgt. Tom Grilione, Fresno County Sheriffs Office.

The sergeant says there's no indication it was gang-related, but believes the fight could have been over an ex-girlfriend and ex-boyfriend from the opposing groups. Investigators are still looking into the incident.
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