Waitress fired after X-rated movie played on restaurant's television

WAYNESVILLE, N.C. -- A waitress in North Carolina was fired for not paying attention to the TV inside the restaurant, ABC affiliate WLOS-TV reports.

On Easter Sunday, someone at the Huddle House restaurant in Waynesville changed one of the television channels to a pornographic movie. Both customers and employees had access to the remote.

One customer who was dining with his two kids at the time eventually grabbed the remote and changed the channel. Many of the customers then complained to the manager.

After investigating, the manager decided to fire the waitress assigned to that section. He admits she isn't the one who changed the channel but says she was fired for "not paying attention" and not "taking action when the porn came on."

The manager says adult channels are not part of their cable subscription. The cable company, which helped with the investigation, told WLOS-TV a customer likely used a cell phone app to wirelessly project video to the television set.

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