After murder arrest, Kerman man sentenced to probation

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A Kerman man arrested for murder four years ago -- walked away with probation Monday, but he's not exactly a free man. 18-year-old Lynn Marcus Snowden was stabbed to death outside a party in 2011.

Snowden's death sparked an anti-violence movement and eventually led to two arrests. Manuel Villareal is now in prison. David Magallon is paying a different sort of price.

Snowden lived life to the fullest, according to his family, but his life ended early after a party in Kerman. Manuel Villareal stabbed him to death and is serving a 17-year prison sentence. David Magallon was also arrested for murder, but after cooperating with prosecutors and showing he was only involved after the killing, he'll serve three years of probation.

"We were disappointed," said Genobeva Sandoval, Snowden's grandmother. "We expected more, but you know bottom line is, like we said last time, we forgive him just like we forgave Manuel."

But while Magallon walked out of court a free man, he's a prisoner of fear. His attorney says the 27-year-old has received death threats, and when Villareal was accidentally released from the Fresno County jail a year ago, he and some friends visited Magallon's mother's house. Magallon wasn't there. Although he's been out of custody, he's been living in hiding, in an undisclosed location.

"Even though he's like a free man, he's really not," Sandoval said. "He's in a prison because now he's in prison in the world."

Snowden's family hasn't just forgiven the men involved in his death. They've also established Together Against Violence, trying to curb bloodshed and soothe families like theirs, who have lost so much.

"Being able to shed light on cases and help other hurting families and -- God willing -- bring justice, it is serving its purpose," said the victim's aunt, Tutie Snowden. "So although we'll never be able to have Marcus back, his spirit will always live on."

Together Against Violence has more than 1000 social media followers and they're actively involved with the families of several homicide victims.

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