Alleged Paris Terror Attack Mastermind Killed

PARIS -- Abdel Hamid Abaaoud was killed during a raid early Wednesday morning, police confirmed.

Abaaoud, the so-called mastermind of the attack that killed 129 people, was killed during a dramatic siege in the suburbs of Paris yesterday. His body - so riddled with bullets and shrapnel investigators could only identify him by his fingerprints. The six-hour standoff in a Paris suburb ended when a female suicide bomber blew herself up as police attempted to arrest several suspects.

Abaaoud was a petty criminal, according to officials. Police said he was also behind other ISIS plots including the attempted attack on a Paris-bound train earlier this year. French authorities thought the 27-year-old was in Syria.

French officials are now looking into how he was able to sneak across borders into France to lead this terror cell that investigators say was planning another attack. "It is urgent for Europe to come together, organized to defend itself from terrorist threat," French official Bernard Cazeneuve said.

French police are still searching for two suspects including Salah Abdeslam who is believed to be the gunman shown in this disturbing video from the In the surveillance images from inside this cafe you see diners ducking for cover. The killer shooting his AK-47 from the hip, taking aim at one woman when his assault rifle seems to jam. Everyone in the cafe was spared as the killer runs out.

In an exclusive Action News poll focusing on the Paris terrorist attacks, Survey USA asked 500 adults -- "how concerned are you about terror attacks like what happened in Paris taking place in the Fresno area?"

Fifty-eight percent of people said they are "very concerned." That number jumped to 67 percent when asked about a terror attack happening elsewhere in California.
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