Attorney of Fresno man accused of stabbing his therapist says he needs to be evaluated

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Raymond White had to have the last word Thursday, so he left the courtroom shouting. Moments earlier, his attorney asked the judge for a mental evaluation based on his client's past history and current behavior.

"This is not the first time people have questioned Mr. White's competency. He has a diagnosis-- I can't get into that too much but he has been to the state hospital before, he's, I don't believe, getting his proper medication at the county jail, so that's caused him to deteriorate," said Douglas Foster, White's attorney.

White is facing attempted murder charges, after Fresno Police Officers say he stabbed his therapist several times in late 2015. Detectives say, at the time- White was a patient at Comprehensive Addiction Programs, or CAP, in Southwest Fresno.

Detectives said the victim was suddenly attacked and left with life threatening stab wounds.

Officers said White dropped the knife and ran away but was found and arrested a short time later.

Since then, sheriff's officials said he has been a difficult inmate to manage, and his new criminal charges show he's facing additional counts for gassing an officer.

A sheriff's spokesman confirmed White has been throwing urine at officers. His attorney said that's another reason he needs to be evaluated.

"People who are in charge of their faculties don't do that. People who have mental health problems that are untreated do that and that's what we think that Mr. White's issue is," said Foster.

White is set to be evaluated by a doctor later this month, but for now, the criminal proceedings have been suspended.

White will be back in court at the end of the month.
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