Basketball hoop found after being stolen from Fresno family of boy killed in crash

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- UPDATE: A Fresno family tells Action News their dead son's stolen basketball hoop has been dropped off at a local school. The hoop was found at Norseman Elementary School on Sunday night.


A husband and wife are grieving after their dead son's basketball hoop was stolen from their home. The parents say 12-year-old Jeremy Robinson died in a car crash years ago, and the hoop is a cherished memento that kids in their East Central Fresno neighborhood still used.

In a neighborhood where you would normally hear kids playing and shooting hoops, there is silence.

"I walked outside and immediately noticed that it was gone, and my heart just sunk," said Raelene Robinson, Jeremy's mom.

A sign sits where just last week kids threw down dunks and shot free throws.

"This was not just a random basketball hoop," said Randy Robinson, Jeremy's dad. The hoop stood in memory of Jeremy. He died in a car crash almost 12 years ago.

"When he passed we decided that we were going to keep it out and let other people play on it," said Raelene.

"When we see the kids out here playing on it, it's like it was when Jeremy was playing on it," said Randy.

With just two days until the anniversary of their son's death, they're begging for the thief to see the sign and give the hoop back.

"We'll exchange it straight across for another hoop. No questions asked. I'm not interested in pressing any kind of charges for petty theft," said Randy.

"We all make mistakes, we're all human, and I got to believe that the people responsible do have a heart," said Raelene.

The Robinsons say they have gotten a couple of offers for free donations for another hoop, and they're willing to take it for the neighborhood kids, but they truly just want Jeremy's hoop back. null
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