Bullets hit several Fresno homes in gang shootout

FRESNO, Calif. -- Police are investigating shots fired by rival gangs in Central Fresno. Those bullets embedded themselves into homes nearby.

It happened just after 11 p.m. Monday at Yale Avenue and Glenn Avenue. Police say dozens of shots were fired, with three houses being hit by gunfire.

No one was hurt, but police say that is lucky to be the case. One house was hit by ten bullets by itself and one of those bullets struck a bed with a sleeping baby inside.

"I'm thankful that we're okay. It missed his bed by an inch, maybe two inches. It went over his bed, through his bed. So I'm thankful," said one of the residents of the house, who did not wish to be identified.

"Hopefully further leads will come through from the neighbors, who will be more willing to talk at a later time," said Sgt. Mike Manfredi, Fresno Police Department.

Four suspects were taken into custody. null