Burglars take $8,000 in computers from Fresno business

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- An expensive computer heist took place early Monday morning in Southeast Fresno. It's not the first time this particular local business was a target for thieves.

Betts Springs has been hit several times by burglars and now police are hoping newly released video helps solve the case.

It took less than four seconds after putting their minivan in park that the crooks were inside Betts Springs. Surveillance video shows a river rock being used to smash through the glass front door.

"They parked right in front of the business," said Fresno Police Sergeant Mark Hudson.
"They brought their own river rock; throw it through the glass doors. They may have been in the business before."

Investigators think the crooks knew what they were after. One is seen rushing right to a computer at the front desk. The other raced off to another office.

"We're asking anybody who knows this white minivan or might even possibly know the suspects to give us a call right away," Sgt. Hudson said.

Locally owned Betts Springs has been featured on the popular Action News series 'Made in the Valley.' The company manufactures auto suspension parts.

Managers said the office has been broken into several times. After the crooks in this video stole about $8,000 worth of electronics Betts brought in its security company to install new protection measures.

Video shows the crooks in an out of Betts in less than two minutes. Police say this type of clear video is extremely helpful in tracking the suspects.

"If you have a business, certainly look at your video surveillance, making sure that's the best video surveillance that you can put into your business to prevent these crimes from occurring." Hudson said. "But also to help us capture the criminals that might break into your business."

About half way through the break-in one suspect heads back outside, police say acting as a lookout. He's seen peaking back in the business through the hole they smashed in the door. Soon the second man runs out dragging what appears to be a keyboard behind. Then they drive off in a white minivan. If you know them, police say turn them in.

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