Burglars target 3 Fresno pharmacies

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Surveillance cameras caught two suspects in the act. They broke into the Medical Dental Pharmacy in Northeast Fresno early Wednesday morning. They grabbed whatever they could, stuffing merchandise into waste baskets.

In the hour before this break in, burglars tried and failed to bust in to two other drug stores so Fresno police were anticipating another break-in.

Fresno Police Lt. Don Gross says when officers saw the first two alarms within fifteen minutes of each other, they expected another break in attempt.

The unsuccessful break-ins occurred at pharmacies located at Fresno and Gettysburg and Ashlan and Marks. Windows were smashed at both locations but the burglars didn't get in.
At the Medical Dental Pharmacy the burglars were not able to open locked drawers in the pharmacy and Gross says they left with a bunch on non-narcotic pills.

"These were I believe testosterone pills I'm not sure if they were targeting them specifically or got in and took whatever they could grab in bottles," Lt. Don Gross explained.

Officers arrived just as the burglars were making their getaway. Fresno Police and Highway Patrol officers chased the suspects for 50 miles, up Highway 99 to LeGrande Road. Speeds reached 80 to 90 miles an hour. After throwing pills out the window the suspects stopped and surrendered when they ran out of gas.

"We recovered evidence not only on the side of the road they were tossing out during the pursuit but also at the termination point." Lt. Don Gross said.

Police arrested Philip Edwards who's from the Lancaster area and Sean Ward who's from the Sacramento area. Both are in their 20's. Police have not been able to link them to all three break-ins.

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