Cash for clues in Avenal murder investigation

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Investigators are offering cash for clues. It's been two months since a deadly shooting in Avenal. Now authorities are asking the public for help to find the person responsible. (KFSN)

Avenal police say they have run out of leads in a murder that left a father of three dead. It happened in February as Santos Cabrera was leaving the home where he had just gotten his haircut. Officers believe the suspect was lying in wait to target Cabrera.

Santos Cabrera had recently started a farm labor contracting business that became very successful in a short period of time. Investigators are trying to figure out if that may have been why he was sought out because they say he was not involved in gangs or drugs.

Avenal Police Chief Russell Stivers says officers have done everything possible to get beneficial information from witnesses. But unfortunately, tips have been sketchy and ultimately led nowhere.

Chief Stivers said, "We know that he was a farm labor contractor and we are working to develop any leads with that but we don't know any other leads."

Investigators say the crime happened very fast. The suspect wore a hoody and fired several times before he raced to a car and was gone. Detectives have worked around the clock -- even surveillance footage hasn't been much help.

"It did happen at 7 o'clock at night, people were out," said Chief Russell Stivers. "Like I said it happened very quickly. They interviewed all the people that were out and about and people in the houses. They've looked at numerous hours of surveillance footage."

Mireya Cabrera says she misses her husband and is also heartbroken for her three daughters who are devastated without their father.

Investigators believe the suspect doesn't live in Avenal. They aren't sure if he is still in the area or has left. But they hope a financial incentive will lead to a name that could help them solve the crime.

Officers don't even have a solid description of the car the suspect was driving. For now, the victim's family is now continuing the business he started in his honor.

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