Central Fresno flash fire sends 6 people to hospital

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- One man is in the hospital after a fire sparked during renovations on a Central Fresno home.

Fire officials say six people were sent to the hospital just before 11 a.m. Sunday after a flash fire in a home near Shields and West avenues. Investigators say they were using gasoline to strip the floors when they believe a heater ignited the fumes.

Family members inside the home say the flames appeared suddenly. One of them said, "It just sparked up, came out and then just calmed down. My brother was actually in the room when it happened, so he just heard my dad scream 'get out, everyone!' So then he had to put some sandals on because the floor was still on fire."

The flames quickly self-extinguished, but one man suffered second-degree burns on his feet. He's expected to be in the hospital a couple more days. Five other people had minor singe burns from the flames.

Firefighters want to remind everyone to use the proper chemicals when doing any home improvement projects to prevent accidents like this one. null
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