Centro La Familia in Fresno offering more assistance for immigrants

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A longtime nonprofit group is expanding to provide immigration and naturalization services to Valley families. Employees at Centro La Familia underwent training to protect the rights of the Mexican community while helping combat fraud.

For the hundreds of people who rely on the services offered at the Mexican Consulate every day, even more reliable help is on the way.

Vicente Sanchez with the Consul of Mexico said, "We can't do this alone. With collaborations like this we'll have more success."

Centro La Familia announced Wednesday their federal recognition by the board of immigration -- that means they're now able to provide immigration services like green card renewals, citizenship and family petitions at reasonable rates. Just like the Mexican Consulate, their goal is to protect citizens of their home country.

Margarita Rocha with Centro La Familia said, "Often the same clients they're seeing, we are seeing. But this relationship is one that helps us and helps them to make sure our families are getting the right services and being referred to right places."

The organization has provided support for Fresno County families since the 70s, including assistance to domestic violence victims and parent education as a way to strengthen families. Part of the need for their expansion came from having to turn away so many clients.

Rocha added, "It's important to know where our client is going. It's important to go to someone reputable, certified and recognized to provide these services."

For the three employees who underwent this certification they're hoping to reduce fraud in their communities.

Centro La Familia is one of a few certified locations to provide federally-approved immigration and naturalization services. They're in Southwest Fresno off of Fresno Street and Irwin Avenue and are open five days a week from 8:30am to 4pm.

Tap or click for more information: http://www.centrolafamilia.org

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