Cities across the state are asking for emergency water restrictions to be lifted

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The State Water Resources Control Board is getting the message from cities and water agencies around the state. (KFSN)

The State Water Resources Control Board is getting the message from cities and water agencies around the state-- it is time to recognize there's enough water to end the Governors emergency drought orders.

It's a move the City of Clovis is behind.

"We support the state relaxing or eliminating the mandatory requirements for water reductions. Obviously we are not in a drought emergency anymore, especially statewide," said Lisa Koehn, Clovis Assistant Public Utilities Director.

But Felicia Marcus, the Director of the state's Water Resources Control Board is not so sure it's time to end the restrictions.

"But we do know from past experience the skies can dry up and heat waves can come and melt the snow."

Dave Bolland, who represents most of the state's cities, said it is clear the emergency and all of its rules are no longer needed.

"We're not interested in calling whether or not the drought is over. We think that will transpire in time but the question of whether or not there needs to be regulatory measures statewide on an emergency basis is what we're questioning."

The City of Fresno is taking a wait and see approach on the issue, but in Clovis, the feeling is it's time to recognize there is plenty of water.

"The whole gist of it is the state loses credibility when they say the sky is falling or the rain isn't falling, when in fact we have flooding conditions and public needs to have clear messages as to whether we are having a water shortage or not," said Koehn.

The state water resources control board is expected to vote on whether to lift the emergency drought orders at a meeting next month.

If those emergency orders are lifted it will still be up to cities to decide on whether to resume the usual odd even watering days or be more restrictive.

Right now the one day a week watering in Fresno and Clovis remains in place, but with all the rain most residents are not watering at all.
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