Clovis Botanical Garden shows plants can be beautiful in drought

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- The drought is affecting people across the Valley and changing the way many of us think about our gardens and yards.

Brightly colored poppies line the pathway at the Clovis Botanical Garden. The flowers are among the dozens thriving in a low water use environment.

Anne Clemons said, "See what can happen when you plant low water plants that actually do well in the Valley and don't mind being here."

Clemons is president of the Clovis Botanical Garden. The garden was started in 2002, and is free to the public. Now the one acre plot of land is filled with drought resistant plants and trees that survive in our environment.

Pat Wynne added, "You can have a beautiful, beautiful colorful yard, many different varieties of plants, colors of plants and things that are going to be alive in the fall when the city's cut your water back. Things that don't require water everyday or every other day."

Board member Pat Wynne says she's learned how to create a sustainable space and helps others at the garden. Signs and even a display show visitors how to maximize outdoor water usage.

With every drop counting, this system can keep trees or plants alive through the drought. And if you're looking for flowers that can thrive.

Clemons said, "The best ones are salvia. The perennials come in all kinds of colors."

A sustainable change that's still attracting even the smallest of visitors.

Volunteers say the Clovis Botanical Garden is the only one of its kind in the Central Valley.
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