Clovis police officer arrested on domestic violence charge

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- A Clovis police officer is at the center of a domestic violence investigation following his arrest. Chris Hutchison has been with the Clovis Police Department for eight years. Now, in addition to the criminal investigation, Hutchison is also the focus of an internal review at the department.

Troubling allegations for a police officer now on the other end of an investigation. Christopher Hutchison of the Clovis Police Department is a suspect accused of domestic violence.

"We're always working together to combat this from occurring, and when it does happen inside of your own walls, it's tough," said Clovis Police Chief Matt Basgall.

Basgall says late Sunday night, someone contacted the police department about an incident involving Hutchison. After his arrest Sunday, Hutchison bailed out of jail. Clovis police called the Fresno County Sheriff's Office to investigate the case.

"The bad part is he's been a great officer for us. He's been with us for eight years. He's been an investigator himself, and he's well-respected in the job he does," said Basgall.

Basgall says his officer had a clean record before this incident. The shocking news for the department could also become a legal issue, according to legal analyst Tony Capozzi. "If he's investigating domestic violence cases, was he fair and impartial? Was he biased in any way? There's so many other issues that could come up," said Capozzi.

If convicted of a domestic violence charge, Hutchison could lose his right to carry a gun -- an important tool necessary to uphold the law.

Hutchison is on paid administrative leave pending the outcomes of the criminal and internal investigations.
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